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Magic Moments 45 Minute Couples Massage

Come in with your sweetheart and soak in our private garden hot tub, celebrate with a champagne toast and yummy chocolates and then float on to a relaxing 45 minute Swedish couples massage with sensuality essential oil blended lotion and hot steamy towels.


Magic Moments 60 Minute Couples Massage

Come in with your sweetheart and soak in our private garden hot tub, Celebrate with a champagne toast and yummy chocolates and then float on to a relaxing 60 minute Swedish couples massage with sensuality essential oil blended lotion and hot steamy towels.


Private Couples Pedicure

Have our couples pedicure room all to yourself Enjoy a crisp glass of champagne and chocolates Enjoy a Private One Hour Couples Pedicure Upgrade to Hot Stone Pedicures $149


Winter Warmer for Two

The Ultimate Couples Massage. Come in and savor a glass of Sangria or Mimosa while soaking in our outdoor hot tub, delight in a true luxury one hour relaxing couples massage with Milk & Honey Body Butter with Warm Steamy Towels and a Soothing Hot Stone Treatment for the Back.


Loveable Me

Treat yourself! Sink down into our warm Jacuzzi with a glass of champagne or freshly squeezed juice. Let the long flowing strokes of a 45 minute Swedish massage deeply relax your body along with a Milk & Honey Back Buff. Enjoy the ultimate foot retreat with our one hour Milk and Honey Pedicure complete with warm steamy towels and a sassy polish of your choosing!


Morning Light Delight

Start early and float through your day. Unwind with a relaxing soak in our Garden Jacuzzi, delight in a full body skin reviving Lemon Flower Butter Scrub followed by the bliss of an Hour's Lemon Flower Luxury Massage. Complimentary Champagne or tea.


Sample of Spa

Indulge in a half-hour luxury Swedish Massage with steamy hot towels and a Lemon Sugar Back Polish. Next enjoy a Refreshing Microzone Facial with a Firming Eye Rescue Treatment. Finish with a perfect Rosemary Mint Spa Pedicure.


Blissfully Beautiful

Sparkle from Head to Toe! Float on to ultimate bliss with a skin refining Classic European Facial with a plumping eye treatment, a Luxury One-Hour Milk & Honey Body Butter Swedish Massage with an exfoliating back scrub, a Spa Pedicure and Manicure. Use of our outdoor jacuzzi as well as a Gourmet Lunch with Champagne is included with this package.


The Essential Experience

The best of everything Essential Therapies has to offer. Start your day with a crisp glass of champagne and a soak in our private outdoor hot tub. Enjoy a relaxing hour massage with your choice of aromatherapy. Drift to your European facial with peppermint and lavender scalp massage and finish with a light snack, a decadent Hot Stone Pedicure and No Chip Manicure.


Fresh Lavender & Lemonade Spa Retreat

Nothing says relax and refresh like Lavender and Lemons! This retreat is a perfect duo for Mothers, Daughters, Sisters & Friends This Package Includes: *A Sweet Lavender Lemonade Pedicure *A 60 Minute Lemon Chiffon Massage with Diffused Lavender *A Serenity Bath Bomb to take home *Private Jacuzzi soak with Iced Lemonade


Series of 6 Massages

SAVE! on a package of 6 massages!


Swedish Massage

Light to medium pressure relaxation massage.


Deep Tissue Massage

Medium to deep pressure, including acupressure points as well as trigger point therapy.


Raindrop Therapy Massage

Twelve essential oils, steamy hot towels and soothing massage make this one of our favorites. Pain becomes a thing of the past as warmth, massage, and gentle scents are drizzled onto your body. Enjoy unsurpassed comfort while boosting your immune system.


Milk & Honey Warm Buttered Stone Massage

Feel your cares melt away as you experience the combination of the aromatic whipped Shea Butter and Warm Stones swirling across your body. The experience is deeply relaxing and ultra hydrating.


Soothing Rosemary Massage

Enjoy a mug of hot chocolate, a cup of tea or glass of sangria while soaking in our outdoor hot tub. Then relax with a muscle-soothing hour of massage with a pain relieving, immune boosting Rosemary Hot Stone Treatment for your back.


Garden Ritual Massage

Massage, Aromatherapy & Foot Retreat Unburden your mind and revitalize your body with 75 minutes of soothing massage strokes, drizzles of lavender and rosemary essential oils along your back & a deep peppermint foot massage complete with scrub and steamy hot towels.



Hot Tub*Massage*Aromatherapy*Foot Retreat The ultimate stress reliever! Enjoy a 90 Minute Swedish Massage fully equipped with warm, steamy towels, Rosemary Peppermint Aromatherapy and a Biofreeze foot and calf treatment.


Microzone Facial

This thirty minute mini-facial is customized to your skin's needs. A great treatment to book in between full facials, if you have a specific area to treat, or have never had any type of facial before.


Classic European Facial

We begin with an analysis of the skin and select products based on your specific needs. A double cleansing, toning, deep exfoliation, and extractions are complimented with a custom mask, hand and arm massage and facial massage. Leave feeling youthfully restored!


Radiance Vitamin C & Green Tea Peptide Facial

A high concentration of collagen boosting peptides and vitamin C crystals illuminate the skin, reduces fine lines, counteracts photo-aging, strengthens skin elasticity and restores a youthful, radiant appearance.


Deep Cleanse Facial

Our Classic European Facial with the addition of a dis-incrustation treatment and additional time as needed for extractions.



This detailed and highly effective exfoliation and hair removal technique removes the top layers of inactive skin through controlled scraping making it an ideal treatment for hyper pigmentation and acne scaring. Yielding the highest rewards in skin clarifying, firming and re-texturizing, Dermaplaning is suited for all ages and skin types.



A jet of fine crystals removes dead/damaged skin cells leaving the skin with a clean, fresh tone. In addition, it stimulates the regeneration of the epidermal cell structure. This treatment reduces acne or stretch mark scarring and sun damage anywhere on the body. A series of treatments is recommended for optimum results.


The Essential Facial

The Essential Facial In ninety minutes we deliver the most outstanding and effective anti-aging results with our signature facial. Galvanic current and high frequency visibly relax harsh wrinkles and increase skin hydration and suppleness. Partnered with our first class, restorative Hydropeptides products this facial will leave you feeling lush and timelessly rejuvenated. Definitely The Facial to indulge in before your most important events.


Acne Tame Treatment

This photo thermal treatment immediately reduces the redness and swelling of active cystic acne. The treatment uses heat to kill the bacteria that causes acne. An express refresh facial is included with this service.


Blueberry Lemonade Facial

Increased sun exposure in the summer months can make it challenging to continuously protect against free radical damage. A potent dose of antioxidants with a nourishing blueberry and vitamin C peel offers complete rejuvenation and vitality. Calm any redness and release toxins while defending against UV rays and improving the overall radiance of your skin.


Back Facial

This treatment mirrors the Classic European Facial on your back. This treatment benefits those with breakouts and dry skin.


Platinum Pumpkin Peptide Facial & Peel

A step beyond traditional facials Revive your natural glow with our Hydropeptide pumpkin treatment. This nutritional powerhouse is filled with enzymes that promote cellular renewal, dissolve dead skin cells and pack your skin full of Vitamin A rich beta-carotene promoting anti aging benefits. Regularly $105


The Bio-Active Peel from Dermalogica

The Bioactive Peel from Dermalogica Treatment Series The BioActive Peel is a high-intensity, professional chemical peel designed to dramatically resurface the skin with minimal recovery time. Our unique, multi-phase approach works with the skin's biology to safely slough away dull epidermal layers and accelerate cell renewal without inflammation and prolonged downtime typically associated with chemical peels. Personalized series are available to combat photo-aging, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone or acne breakouts.


Collagen Induction Therapy

Collagen Induction Therapy This collagen and elastin boosting treatment (also called microneedling) minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne scaring, scars, stretch marks, and reduces the appearance of large pores. Noticeable difference in one treatment and dramatic results in a series of three or more.


Pamper Your Pop

A Touchdown Sports Pedicure, A 1 Hour Muscle Meltdown Massage & Complimentary Soak in our Garden Jacuzzi with an Ice-Cold Brew


Private Couples Rosemary Pedicure

We all know most men neglect their feet. Tell your guy sitting in a comfy leather massage chair having calluses removed, cuticles treated, and a stellar rosemary foot massage to sooth sore muscles isn't such a bad thing; and best of all you'll be right there with him in our private room.


Fit & Firm Facial

Our menís Fit & Firm facial is meticulously customized to your needs with our Dermalogica skin care products - be it quenching your skin's thirst, repairing sun damage, or & deep pore cleaning this facial will leave you feeling renewed and attractively groomed. Did we mention you get an ice cold beer and a sit in our hot tub before hand? Ahh ... now you're considering it.


Brew & Renew

Renew with a brew, a hot tub soak and our custom deep tissue massage complete with a deep woods essential oil scalp massage and Biofreeze neck-wrap


Deep Woods Pedicure

Ease the sore muscles of your athletic guy with our 60 minute deep woods pedicure. This treatment with notes of sandalwood, rosewood and Himalayan cedarwood includes a deep tissue foot massage and biofreeze foot & calf treatment.


Muscle Meltdown Couples Massage

Treat dad to the stress reducing benefits a full hour of massage addressing the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia complete with aromatherapy. This deep tissue couples massage includes a private soak in our hot tub and an ice cold brew for him and sangria or mimosa for her.


Trail Compu-Lift

First Time Special Pricing. This treatment includes a full facelift with our Compu-Lift Machine, a cleanse and professional two step exfoliation using our Hydropeptide Anti Aging Products. (You Save $20 on your first treatment)


Full Face Compu Lift

This treatment includes a full facelift using our Compu-Lift machine, a cleanse and professional two step exfoliation using our Hydropeptide Anti Aging Products. add a Full Face Compu Lift to any facial for $59


Series of 5 Full Face Lifts

Save $100 when you purchase a series. Includes 1 free microzone facial to be booked at end of series.


Eye Lift

This treatment includes a cleanse and specific protocol to tone and lift only the muscles around the eyes. Can be added to any facial.


Series of 5 Eye Lifts

These treatments are most effective when done within 3 weeks. A cleanse and specific protocol to tone and lift the muscles around the eyes. Save $75 when purchasing a series.


Hot Stone Back Treatment

Add to any Massage. Massage with heated stones penetrates deeply providing relief of muscle tension and fatigue while simultaneously promoting detoxification and deep relaxation.


Retreat for the Feet

Add to any facial, massage or pedicure. An extra long foot massage with a biofreeze foot and calf treatment and warm steamy towels.


Back Polish

Add to any massage. Dry brushing & sugar scrub exfoliates and renews the hardest to reach area while our warm towels and shea butter provide the ultimate moisture.


Warm Stone Facial Treatment

Warm stones increase blood and lymph circulation promoting a decrease in facial puffiness and fluid build up. Heat drives nutrients deeper into the skin while providing sinus and headache pressure. Soothing massage lulls you into an ultimate state of bliss. **For Facial Treatments Only**


Peppermint & Lavender Essential Oil Scalp Massage

Add to any massage or facial. This 10 minute scalp massage helps elevate your mood, combats migraines and relieves head and neck tension as peppermint and lavender essential oils promote reduction of stress and overall relaxation. We finish this treatment off with a warm towel biofreeze neck-wrap.


Warm Paraffin Hand Treatment

Add to any manicure, pedicure, massage or facial. Heat therapy soothes aching joints and promotes increased circulation. Warm paraffin wax deeply moisturizes and conditions the skin. Great for those suffering from arthritis or dry hands.


Deep Tissue Upgrade

an upgrade option to any package that includes an hour Swedish massage


Eyelash Tinting

Our semi permanent dye will leave your eyelashes looking dramatically darker and fuller.


Eyebrow Tinting

We have a variety of semi-permanet dyes to match eyebrows to match your hair color, great for hiding grays too!


Eyebrow Waxing

A waxing, tweezing, trimming and overall shaping for your eyebrows leaving you with a stunning new look. *Ask for our "Eyebrow Queen" Faith. You won't be disappointed!


Eyebrow Tweezing

For those sensitive to wax but still desire professional shaping.


Lip Waxing

Removal of hair present on the upper lip.


Eyebrow Waxing

A shaping, waxing, and trimming of the eyebrows.


Face Waxing

Removal of facial hair around chin, lip, and sideburn area.


Underarm Waxing

Removal of hair under the arms.


Arm Waxing

Removal of hair on forearms.


Half Leg Waxing

Waxing of the lower or upper part of the leg.


Full Leg Waxing

Removal of hair on legs.


Back Waxing

Removal of hair on back. Price subject to change depending on thickness and abundance of hair.


American Bikini Waxing

Removal of hair around the bikin area.


French Bikini Waxing

Cut in further than an American around the bikini area.



A cuticle clean up, trimming & shaping of nail, hand massage and polishing of finger nails is included in our manicures. Ad a warm paraffin wax to your hands for an additional $10.


Shellac - 14 Day No Chip Manicure

A 14 day no chip manicure treatment that includes nail shaping, cuticle clean up, exfoliant, and polish.


Spa Express Pedicure

A quick retreat for your feet!


Signature Zero Gravity Pedicure

Enjoy Our Signature Pedicure in Ultra Comfy Zero Gravity Massage Chairs. This spa treatment includes an exfoliating scrub that buffs your feet to petal soft perfection, an ultra hydrating shea body butter blended with essential oils, and a foot and calf massage with warm steamy towels that will sooth and revive your tired soles. Pick your color to finish for a perfectly polished look.


Hot Stone Pedicure

Sure to become your favorite winter ritual, our 60 minute Hot Stone Pedicure uses heat therapy with smooth, warm stones to provide a heavenly and healing experience. As your feet are refined to perfection enjoy a cup of herbal tea or a refreshing mimosa. For the grand finale our zero gravity chairs usher you into a comfortable, lying position as you enjoy herbal eye pillow and hot stone foot and calf treatment.


Marine Spa Pedicure

This nourishing, hydrating pedicure includes everything you'd expect from our zero gravity pedicure plus a hydrating seaweed mask perfect for eliminating toxicity from the body and providing ultimate moisture to even the driest of tootsies.


French Finish

A pink and white french finish to the hands or feet.


Mother/Daughter Summer Citrus Zero Gravity Pedi

Get the girl time you've needed by enjoying our signature Zero Gravity Pedicures in our private nail room. Inhale the melody of sweet orange, grapefruit, tangerine and lemon as your feet are restored and uplifted. Sip champagne and bond while enjoying a blissful foot and calf massage and end with your favorite summer color. This luxury pedicure for two is 60 minutes of pure relaxation and quality mother daughter time.


Twinkle Toes

Peppermint Pedi, Butter Rum Parrafin and Gift Kick up your tootsies in our zero gravity massage chairs! Your feet will be buffed to petal soft perfection and massaged with our sweet peppermint essential oil blend. Your hands are tucked into warming paraffin mitts that sooth tired joins and provide ultimate moisture. Includes a gift of our signature spa bath bomb. Bring a friend or loved one and have the entire room to yourselves ensuring the most peaceful experience.


Complimentary Jacuzzi Soak

With every service a soak in our outdoor Garden hot tub is included. The hot tub is booked before the service individually for each client ensuring a secluded, relaxing environment.


Nourishing Sea Mud Therapy

Natural earth clays draw out impurities while Ginger and White Tea stimulate circulation and smooth skin. Customized essential oils provide aroma-therapeutic and skin benefits while caffeine provides all over toning. Rest in a warming wrap that induces absorption of nourishing benefits while you are treated to a lavender & peppermint scalp massage. Finish with full body hydration.


Tahitian Body Scrub

Thorough steaming and dry brushing revitalizes your body as our Tahitian medley of botanical extracts, shea butter, vitamins and powerful humectants from the sea buff & polish your skin to smooth perfection. Our long flowing strokes of ultra rich body butter hydrate, soften and renew. $69.00 Take $10 off when booked with any 30, 45 or 60 Minute Massage


Coconut Creme Shea Parfait Body Treat & 45 Massage

Enjoy perfectly polished and hydrated skin. After a thorough dry brushing our sweet coconut infused Shea butter scrub reveals fresh, beautiful skin. We then apply whipped coconut Shea butter to deliciously nourish and hydrate skin as your muscles are soothed and massaged. Remember to ask if our hot tub is available prior to your treatment!


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